Didactic material


The didactic commentaries each describe one aspect of the MATHElino material. They address the issue of which skills can be promoted using the materials. Ways, in which the materials can be used, both independently and under supervision, are presented. Suggestions for observation and for leading questions are also given. Finally, possible methods of documentation are recommended by which the child can record the work and the results achieved.

Learning environments are open learning opportunities that enable children to work together in a group addressing a particular issue at different performance levels. The learning activities are designed in such a way that they enable personalized individual learning. Alternatively the possibility of working together on a project promotes mutual learning from and with each other.

The ideas for games show a variety of possibilities for a playful interaction with the material. They promote, among other things, cooperation, counting, the "reading" of different number images (dice, figures, pictures made with dots), comparing quantities, adding and subtracting in the twenties, and the collective laying of patterns.